There are a few reasons for you as an athlete to use CBD products. All of these beneficial reasons are perfect when interested in upping your sport performance. CBD contains only the active substances you need and will have a positive effect on your body.
The list on the benefits:
1. Strengthens your immune system.
CBD contains substances that strengthen the immune system of the human body, meaning that your body will be more resistant to infections and stress. For sports your body has to be in top condition. This is for everyone, but athletes will benefit from it big time. Everyone should feel in top condition. 
2. Stress and anxiety reducing.
Sports can cause stress and anxiety, due to the intense training and exercises. CBD helps the body to lower the stress and anxiety levels, which results in a beneficial situation. This way your body can continue training without having the feeling that your body is exhausted and stressed. CBD regulates the stress and anxiety hormones. That’s how your body limits the negative response you don't want to experience. 
3. Speeds up recovery.
CBD contains anti-inflammatory effects. This effect speeds up the recovery process of your muscles.  
4. Pain relieve.
Pain will knock on your door sometimes, when training a certain muscle group too hard. When this is not treated, a muscle strain can develop. CBD helps you to increase your pain threshold and at the same time makes sure that muscle cramps are reduced.  
5. Helps you to relax and sleep better
Sleeping and relaxing are incredibly important for the recovery of your body. This is even more important when you want to achieve an optimum performance. CBD gives calmness and will help you with a better night’s rest. 
6. Preventing inflammation
Inflammation is a natural response of the body to injury or excessive exertion during workouts. We all know that inflammation is not something you prefer. That is where CBD comes in, again! CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties, which will help to reduce the symptoms of inflammation.
7. Controlling your weight gain
You will feel less hungry and it ensures that you keep your weight gain under control since you will feel less hungry.
8. Increase of endurance and fitness
CBD has effect on your endocannabinoid system, it balances and activates it. The endurance and overall condition of your body will be affected by CBD in the most positive way you can imagine. 
9. Muscle gain
All these reasons above result in an increase of your muscle gain. Your muscles will build and grow faster. So you’ll reach your goal soon!