CBD oil has entered the animal market because CBD shows to also have positive effects on our lovely pets. We at CBD Essentials love our pets and that is also why we want them to feel just as good as we do. Nature's Medicals offers dosage information and he oils are odourless and also tasteless. So, your furry friend will not know that CBD is the product that is making them feel so good. 


Dogs are the most popular pet on the whole earth. They bring us happiness, joy and companionship. Besides that, your furry friend also need a lot of help with the big challenges he or she might encounter. 
Sometimes our friend suffers from pain or a chronic disease. They can have a lot of the same diseases that humans have. Anxiety, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, general pain and discomfort are some problems they may face in their little life. Some even struggles to sleep or do basic activities that dogs do. If you think your little friend has one of these problems, CBD might be your potential solution.


Cats are highly sensitive for experiencing stress. This is why some owners keep looking for that one solution that will help their cat with managing their stress. Since we all want our friend to be happy, CBD might be the solution to make your cat happy again. Most of the cat owners turn to CBD, to help with physical pain and with behaviour issues.