Deciding which strength you need to buy and what you dosage might be, is very important but it can also be difficult. We're here to help. Besides that, you are the most important user manual for yourself. Try things out, listen to your body and adjust to your needs.

We will give you a guidance. The starter information will be provided by us. The information that we provide is a collection of experiences. We will give you insight in strength, dosage but also usage and any side effects that might occur.



The strength for the CBD oil that you want to use can vary. The strength of CBD oil is the concentration of CBD in the oil. This can be in a range from 5% to 20%. The higher the percentage, the higher the concentration. This also means that there is more CBD in one drop. 

5% - 10% Light to medium strength

CBD oil between 5% - 10% are the most common CBD oils. This is used for a wide range of health problems or pains. This strength can also be used as a daily food supplement.

10% - 15% Medium to high strength 

CBD oil between 10% - 15% is for people who require more CBD. Maybe because their pain keeps taking over or the lighter variant isn't enough. If the 5% - 10% strength is enough, you can still go to a higher strength but you will need less drops. Meaning that your costs for the CBD will be lower. 

15% - 20% High strength
The highest strength available at CBD Essentials for heavy pain and health problems. This can be used daily, adjusted to your needs. This can again also be used when you want to lower your costs to CBD.


However, it can still be hard to decide which strength is best for you. That is why we offer you personal advice whenever you need it. Free and non-committal. You can fill in the contact form on the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Since everyone reacts different on CBD, it is possible to start with 1 drop, 3 times a day. This is the slow way to start with CBD oil. Every 3 days, you will add 1 drop. So after 3 days, you will take 2 drops, 3 times a day. And so on, until you feel that the dosage is right for you.

CBD needs some time to find the right way to work in your body. So please, don't rush your CBD journey and listen to your body.

If you feel like you can handle CBD easily and you know a little bit about it, you might want to use this chart to find you start dosage. This starts off with a little higher dosage than what we explained before. 

tabel dosering chart cbd dosage

The mg of CBD can be easily found on the label of every Nature's Medicals CBD oil. If you struggle to find it, don't hesitate to contact us through our contact form