CBD products that are available for everyone is what we strive for. CBD is a delicate and powerful addition to your life. We would love to share this magic bullet with you. 

Our passion for physical and mental health grew so much and we already knew for a long time that CBD products can be a positive addition to your physical and mental health. It has a positive influence on numerous things. That is why we wanted to start CBD Essentials. To make all of that available to you. 

Delivering the best CBD quality is the most important. This goes hand in hand with the guarantee of 100% pure and natural CBD, as this is what quality means to us. The guarantee of this makes sure that the CBD products will actually have the positive influence on your life, that we both want. 

We will guarantee that all our CBD products are fair products. What this means is, we make all of this happen in co-operation with brands that are tested by independent laboratories and with a verifiable batch-number. This is how we can show you that every CBD product is pure and fair. With the certificates or batch-numbers you can look this up every time you'd want. 

Natural, honest and transparancy are keywords at CBD Essentials. These keywords are leading in the way we work and reflect on the choices we make.