The perfect guide to dose your CBD oil

'How much CBD oil should I use?'

We're not able to advise you a dose without knowing some things we'll touch on in a minute. Dosage is different for everyone. It might be a large and heavy man reacts positively on a relatively small dose, while a small and light woman wouldn't really feel much of the same dose.

We do have a general guideline proven to be very effective

We must state first: always start with a smaller dosage and work your way up the scale. This is because you might find your perfect dose before you reach the planned dose. In that case you stick with the dose you feel comfortable with.

General rule of thumb for choosing a dosing strength
Low 0.2mg CBD per KG
Medium 1.0mg CBD per KG
High 1.5mg CBD per KG


An important note is that measurement is in pure CBD, not CBD oil.

here is a chart for rounded weights and it's corresponding dose:


light medium high
50kg 10mg 50mg 75mg
60kg 12mg 60mg 90mg
70kg 14mg 70mg 105mg
80kg 16mg 80mg 120mg
90kg 18mg 90mg 135mg
100kg 20mg 100mg 150mg
110kg 22mg 110mg 165mg
120kg 24mg 120mg 180mg


Ask yourself: 'Why do I use CBD oil?'

  • General health - Low strength
  • Nausea - Low to medium strength
  • Chronic pain - Medium to high strength
  • Sleep disorder - Medium to high strength
  • Anxiety - Medium to high strength
  • Epilepsy - High strength
  • Migraines - Low to high strength
  • Cancer - High strength

If you want to use all these grams and strengths, we need to go through a few steps. 

Step 1: Determine the potency of your CBD oil.

We will give you a quick calculation formula to know what the potency of your CBD oil is. 

Don't worry and don't waste your time if you will shop at CBD Essentials, because Nature's Medicals will provide you the potency of the bottle and CBD per drop. That is where we will save your time with Nature's Medicals.

If you are still interested in how we calculate the potency of a bottle, stay with us. 

Here is what you need to take into account:

1. Bottle size (in mL)

2. Amount of CBD listed on the bottle in mg

The formula to calculate potency


Now you can compare this to the reference chart above to see how much oil you'll need to get the desired strength of CBD (aka your dose).

The next step, to make your dosing a lot easier, is to measure the volume of your dropper

Step 2: Measure the volume of your dropper

The dropper is the part of the bottle that is used to dole out the CBD oil. It usually comes with a squeezable head and a glass tube. The dropper makes it easy to give exact doses of CBD oil in drop doses. 

Most droppers hold exactly 1 mL of fluid in the glass tube. This should give you around 20 drops per dropper. 

To make sure that you're still keeping up with us. In step one you calculate the CBD in mg per mL. One full dropper is 1 mL (aka 20 drops). We know that this can sound very intimidating and a lot of calculating, but don't worry. 

Start small, work your way up

 It is totally normal if you are a little bit intimidated by all of these numbers. That is why we give you another (easier) option. 

This method is easy but you need to be very attentive to what you are feeling. You start with one drop, three times a day (we advise before or after a meal, that makes it harder to forget). Every next week, you will increase your drops with 1 drop. In the chart below everything might be easier to understand. 

Week 1  one drop, three times a day
Week 2  two drops, three times a day
Week 3  three drops, three times a day
Week 4 four drops, three times a day
Week 5 five drops, three times a day


And this list goes on, until you will reach the amount that fits you. That is maybe the most important thing, with both of these methods.

Keep searching for the amount that fits you. Maybe 50mg CBD a day for your neighbour might be enough, but you and your body can already be satisfied with 30mg CBD a day. 

It might be a long journey, but in the end, it is all worth it.

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