The 'how to start with CBD' guide

Being new to the CBD world can be quite confusing. You might be wondering about what kind of CBD oil or products you should use, how to use them and a lot more. There seem to be a lot of options, so how can you choose the right one? It is a lot and it is normal to get confused. Don't worry about it, we're here to help you to get started on your CBD journey.

It is important for you to acknowledge the fact that CBD works different for everyone. What your neighbour might experience, can be totally different from your own. Figuring out or experimenting what suits you, in terms of the right product or dosage might take some time. Either way, CBD Essentials is confident to say that CBD can help you live a healthier life. 

That being said, let's start with everything you need to know. 

Decide your strength and size

Deciding your strength can be a very complex choice. But if you're completely new to CBD, start low and slow. That is the best advice that we can give you. 

As a beginner, a 5% or 10% strength might be good to start. Why? Starting with a lower percentage allows your body to adjust to the CBD and you can see how you react on CBD. Every body has a different set of factors, which will affect how your body will respond on CBD. Such as, weight, biochemistry and metabolism. 

Also, starting low with your percentage gives you room to increase your dosage or to experiment with your dosage, to see what works. Since all supplements and tinctures carry the risk of developing a tolerance, CBD has that too. Starting low gives you more space. 

Secondly, if you start high immediately, even if it works, you have no idea what you could achieve by taking less. In the long term, starting low could save you a lot of money by slowly increasing your dosage until you find something that works for you and your symptoms. 

The right CBD dosage

We made a whole article about finding your starting dosage. You can find that link right here, since it is a lot of information itself. 

One less complicated way to start with dosing is to start with one drop three times a day and increase your drop every week. In week two you will take two drops three times a week and so on. If you don't notice any difference in your symptoms or you didn't experience the benefits you were looking for, you can bump your dosage up until you find the dosage that suits you. 

How to take CBD oil

CBD oil is made for consumption. There are several ways of how you can do that. These two ways find we the easiest to consume your CBD oil:

- Simply put your dose of CBD under your tong. Hold it under your tongue for 30 to 60 seconds, then swallow. 

- Add your dosage CBD to your cup of tea or coffee. 

If you hold the CBD oil under your tongue before consumption, the CBD will get faster and better into your bloodstream via the blood vessels in your mouth. This method mostly has a faster relief for your symptoms, since it is faster in your bloodstream. CBD oil in your tea or coffee works as great, but it might take a little longer before you feel the effects, as it has to go through the digestive process before entering the bloodstream. 

Find the right CBD company

Last but not least to choose your CBD products perfectly, is to know where it is coming from. CBD had flooded the market. There are seemingly countless companies that say that they offer the best. It is very important to purchase your CBD from a reputable, honest and trusted company. Not all companies or CBD products are the same. Here are some points on picking the right company:

  • Pick a company that performs third-party testing on their products and provides the test results. If you cannot access the test results, you can’t know what is really in your bottle of CBD oil.
  • Do not pick a company that only one person recommends or that presents claims that seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, the CBD industry is largely unregulated, which means that a lot of companies can make exaggerated claims.
  • Do your own research and pick a company that you feel comfortable with. Not everyone is going to like the same company, so pick one that meets your expectations and fits what you are looking for.

We at CBD Essentials are proud to say that we are one of the right companies. If you are looking for a company that you can trust and feel comfortable with, it might be us. Our products are always tested by third parties and we will always be transparant about the products we sell. 

Starting your CBD journey doesn’t have to be a challenge. With these tips, you can find the right company, the right oil, and the right dosage for you to experience the full benefits of CBD.


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