Pain relief using CBD

How much we all hate it, pain is something we all experience. While some pains last just a short period, some of us are unlucky and experience intense or chronic pain. Some pains even never really go away.
Some people choose to live with the pain they have without trying to make life comfortable, while others visit a doctor who may recommend pain medication. It may be easy over the counter going meds or prescription drugs. But just like me, there are a lot of people who don't just want to be popping those pills, especially thinking of all the possible side effects. The is a number of preliminary studies which show promising results using CBD as a pain reliever.

Two types of pain
Lets briefly discuss the two types of pain we can experience. Neuropathic & inflammation. Neuropathic pain often involves the glutaminergic system, which is a major neuronal pathway. Glutamate is a neurotransmitter that turns other neurons on, so it is highly involved in turning on and sending pain transmissions.
Inflammatory pain is linked to neuropathic pain, but it goes further than just our neurons. Whenever a cell becomes damaged or if your body detects a foreign compound, your immune system jumps into action. It sends inflammatory agents to the area, which attach to the damaged cells and promote cell death, or apoptosis. Normally, when all damaged cells are dead, the inflammation stops. However, in some instances, this can become a chronic condition, resulting in inflammatory pain.

How CBD is able to help you with pain
Researchers have performed a handful of studies to see if and how CBD can help with pain. There are a variety of results, but overall, it seems that CBD has a lot to offer when it comes to pain relief. Some studies have found that CBD works as a neuroprotectant by inhibiting the release of glutamate and other inflammatory agents. Essentially, this means that glutamate does not send the pain transmissions it normally would. As a result, you can experience less or no prickling, tingling, or burning feelings that are often symptoms of neuropathic pain.
Other studies have shown that CBD can work as an anti-inflammatory, thus relieving pain associated with inflammation. Inflammation is a root cause of many conditions, including arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and hypertension. While the cause of inflammation can be harder to pinpoint, CBD seems to help relieve overall inflammation, thus reducing and easing your symptoms or pain from inflammation, no matter where the root problem may be.
Some other studies think that CBD can help boost your mood, thus improving your perception of pain and reducing the pain you actually feel. Others suggest that CBD may have just a placebo effect, which is potentially possible, but effective nonetheless.

A Natural Way To Relieve Pain
With such positive results on initial studies, CBD may be the answer a lot of us are looking for. Time and studies have found that traditional pain medications (NSAIDs), while proving to be successful in relieving pain, bring along a host of negative side effects. If used too often, NSAIDs can increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart-related death. They can also cause bloating, heartburn, nausea or vomiting, stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal issues, kidney problems, and more. Of course, NSAIDs can be safe when used sparingly, but if you need almost constant medication for pain relief, it might be time to look into a more natural option.

If you choose to use CBD to ease your pain, be sure to consult with your doctor first, especially if you are on any medications. You and your doctor can discuss your options and figure out a proper dosage to start with. As time goes on, and as more people become open about using CBD, we can complete more studies to learn just how CBD provides natural pain relief.

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