How can I tell my CBD is working?

There are multiple reasons why you might use CBD products. Whether that is for stress, sleep problems, anxiety, pain or overall calmness, you still want to get the most out of it. Some struggle to feel or notice a difference and that is completely normal. In this blog we will talk about how you will get the most out of your CBD journey, because everyone is worth it! 

The might have heard the buzz about CBD, you witnessed a friend feeling better and better everyday and you did your research (if you didn't, click here to educate yourself). But how on earth can you tell that CBD is going to make a difference and is not again just another bottle of oil. 

Since CBD works different on everybody, you can't guess how CBD is going to change your life. So, here we have some tips about CBD and how you can get the most out of it. 

1. Consistency is key.

With new products, you should always give yourself at least 14 days to get used to the product. Especially with CBD, since research show a cumulative benefit of use, meaning that effects build with consistency and longer use. 

2. Try to make it a habit.

CBD is going to be an extra step in your routine and keep it that way. It is the best to not forget to take your morning dosage, afternoon or evening dosage. Try to make it a habit. Directly after the shower or before breakfast? Make time for CBD. 

3. Feel and notice.

Like we already said, everyone reacts differently on CBD. Your experience will be totally different than the experience that your best friend had. So, maybe you will notice a better night rest, which also improves your mood. Changes will occur, but the important thing is to write them down. Log you sleep, stress, cravings and mood to really notice any differences. 

4. Don't change your lifestyle.

CBD is a random trial you about to start. It is in your own hands. You decide the dosage and when you are going to take CBD. CBD can have so many benefits. But if you are starting with eating healthier and meditating the same week when starting out with CBD, you might lose track of what is really happening. Especially, in what CBD is doing with your body. Try to do one thing at the time, since that makes it easier to notice what CBD is doing to your body.

5. Manage expectations.

The whole internet is full of what CBD could do for you. But no one ever said that this will be happening to your body too. Try to not have mountain high expectations. Think small and do it for the long term benefits. 


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