7 awesome potential benefits of CBD oil

CBD might came across you path if you're looking for natural products that can help to improve your health en wellness. The buzz about CBD is rising and not because of nothing. CBD is an amazing, natural substance full of potential benefits. You can't go wrong if you add CBD to your daily routine. 

That is why we want to introduce you to the seven potential health benefits that CBD brings along. You might find some relief in the use of CBD. Let's dig into it. 

1. Helps to manage stress and anxiety

 Stress and anxiety affects many across the globe. There is not a real cure for this mental-illness. However, many individuals have found that CBD can support them in hard time of stress and anxiety. CBD regulates cortisol levels (stress hormone) and makes sure there is a balance in your body again. The balance occurs when CBD interacts with receptors in our body. To be precise, for stress they change respons to the serotonin. As an outcome, you will feel calmer and more peaceful. 

2. Reduce pain and inflammation

CBD has been the all time favourite pain reliever and inflammation reducer. For professional athletes to everyday people, CBD can be helpful for a more comfortable experience. Studies have found that CBD's immunosuppressant activity helps to reduce inflammation and so reducing the chance of unwanted side-effects such as pain, swelling and inflammation. 

3. Help with promote more restful sleep

Sleepless nights are inevitable, since our daily lives have became very stressful. Pain or insomnia can also be the reasons of sleepless nights. However, adding CBD to your night routine can be very useful. 

4. Improve the skin appearance 

Finding the right solution for your skin might be a long road to enter. But, CBD has some naturally benefits for your skin. Such as a clearer, brighter and even complexion looking skin. Besides that, CBD is also great for acne-prone skin, since it has incredible anti-inflammatory benefits. It can help to calm the skin and reduce redness but also decrease excess sebum (oily and slightly waxy substance found on the skin that causes acne).

5. Give your brain a boost

Brain health is super important. Neuroplasticity and neurogenesis are often at the forefront in many researchers mind when it comes to brain health. 

Neuroplasticity helps your brain with change and reorganising to support learning and memory. Neurogenesis on the other hand helps with the birth of new brain cells. CBD helps with increasing these two, thus supporting a healthier brain. 

6. Helps with reduce nausea 

Nausea is not weird, it occurs pretty often. Many people experience nausea due to sickness, stress, migraines and more. To help alleviate nausea and vomiting, more people are turning to CBD oil. CBD oil interacts with the CB1 receptors and so reducing excessive gastic acid plus prevents the reflux. This leads to decreasing the symptoms of nausea.

7. Assists with mood disorders

Loads of people live with depression. More than 300 million people around the globe have to cope with a chronic illness. Just like anxiety, there is also no cure for depression. However, researchers found that CBD may be promising in treat these two. CBD interacts positive to serotonin receptors in the brain. By balancing serotonin and dopamine, CBD support the needs for someone with a chronic illness to live a healthier and happier life. 

Feel it yourself

Caught your attention yet? Ready to start your CBD journey? Visit our shop for 100% pure hemp oil to get started. And remember, all good thing come with time, not overnight. Patience and perseverance are key. 

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